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Mercer Island

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The planning and design process for interior library improvements is underway.

This project includes reconfiguring the interior layout as well as new carpet, paint, furniture, shelving, and a quiet study area.

Expected Construction Start Date:             Late 2014/Early 2015

September 26, 2014

The Mercer Island Library is scheduled for interior renovation and remodeling as part of the 2004 Capital Improvement Bond. To date, 36 library projects have been completed, eight are active, and three are pending.

KCLS began planning the Mercer Island Library upgrade in 2013, beginning with two public meetings to explain the project and get public feedback.

Following a January 2014 public meeting to present preliminary plans, the City of Mercer Island requested a 90-day hiatus for KCLS to collaborate with a City-appointed Library Committee on project revisions based on new feedback from Island residents. KCLS and the Library Committee worked together for four months to address each area of the remodel in light of Committee concerns.

Throughout the process, including two discussions with the Mercer Island Library Committee, and additional feedback from the Concerned Citizen's Committee and other community members, KCLS and its architects significantly adapted the preliminary plans to accommodate the community's wishes.

The plans have been submitted to the City of Mercer Island for the required permits.

In August the City of Mercer Island appointed a Library Advisory Board, and KCLS has continued to discuss the remodel plans with the Library Board. While community concerns are a high priority, KCLS has sole decision-making authority over KCLS facilities.

Confirmed Plans
The Mercer Island Library Board has agreed with the following decisions:

  • The meeting room and children's area will remain in their current locations
  • The new meeting room will have a glass wall on the north side for visibility
  • The skylight will be rebuilt as currently designed, with structural reinforcements required for updated lighting and sunlight filtering
  • The size of the entry vestibule will be enlarged from the January proposal
  • A Friends display, storage, and drop bin were added to the plans
  • KCLS proposed alternative color schemes, material specifications, furniture designs, carpeting colors and patterns from which the Library Committee selected their preferences
  • KCLS agreed to find a neutral interior color (other than white) as preferred by the Library Board
  • KCLS will retain the drive-up book drop
  • KCLS will retain the curved wall currently located above the staff desk including the "Mercer Island Library" sign
  • KCLS will move the structural X-brace from the children's area to the meeting room area along the glass wall to enhance safety. Blinds will be installed on the meeting room side.
  • KCLS will make minor adjustments to the staff desk to improve its visibility within the library
  • KCLS will locate the temporary library at the Congregational Church, the site preferred by the Library Committee
  • A self-check in station will enable Islanders to get a receipt when they return books

To Be Determined
  • Duration of the library closure
  • Size of space rented at the temporary facility
  • Possibility of a second study room
  • Design within the children's area:
    • Size and location of bookshelves
    • One or two entrances
    • Bookshelf along the bottom of the glass wall on the children's area
Project Status In Progress
Architect Miller-Hull Partnership
Contractor N/A
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