Checkout Limits
Loan Periods

All items except Downloads 100 items, 25 holds
OverDrive eBooks, eAudiobooks 20 items, 10 holds
OneClick eAudiobooks 10 items, 3 holds
KCLS is not responsible for damage to equipment that occurs while using library-owned material.  
Last Updated: 09/22/14

Books, CDs, Cassettes, CD-ROMs, LPs, Kits, Players, Select DVD Sets* 28 days
eBooks, eAudiobooks 21 days
Magazines, DVDs**, Video Cassettes 7 days
Most Media Equipment*** 1 day
Reusable KCLS bags 1 year, 1 renewal


Except for downloads, media equipment, and reusable KCLS bags, you may renew items that are not on hold for another borrower up to two times.

*Television seasons and educational series purchased after December 20, 2011. Look for the 28-day label on the box.

**Feature films and documentaries; additional copies of sets first purchased before December 20, 2011.

***Use in the library only
Last Updated: 01/21/14

Books, audio/video materials, magazines $0.10 per item, per day up to $3.00 max per item per loan period
Most Media Equipment $5 per item, per day up to $50.00 max per item per loan period
Reusable KCLS bags   $1.25 if lost

You will be charged a replacement cost for items that are 30 days overdue.

You may not borrow items if you owe more than $10.00.

If you owe $25 or more, your account may be sent to a collection agency.

Payments for account charges may be made in person at any library with cash or check; mailed to KCLS, 960 Newport Way NW, Issaquah WA 98027; or made online through My Account (you must be registered with Bibliocommons).

Kids in grades K-12 can have up to $25 in fines forgiven on existing KCLS cards and start using the library again! Visit Fresh Start for eligibility requirements.
Last Updated: 11/05/14
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Last Updated: 10/24/14
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