18215 98th Ave. NE
Closed 10/20-11/2
Bothell, 98011
425.486.8747 (Kenmore Library)

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The Bothell Library will be Closed for Interior Improvements from October 20-November 2.

The library will re-open on Monday, November 3. Please visit the Kenmore Library or any other KCLS library during this time.

Holds Information

  • You will not be able to pick up any holds at the Bothell Library during the closure.
  • All holds with Bothell selected as the pickup location may be picked up at the Kenmore Library during this time.
  • You may select any other KCLS library as the pickup location for your holds prior to and during the closure.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Learn about this library's Capital Bond Project.

For more information, call 425.486.7811. After October 20, please call the Kenmore Library.

About the Bothell Library

Opened: September 18, 1995

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  • 1 Meeting Room, 2 Study Rooms
  • Designed by Zimmer, Gunsul & Frasca Partnership
  • 22,500 square feet

Walking with Your Library

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1905: Bothell's first library opens in Odd Fellows Hall

1905-1918: Several private libraries open and close

1923-1925: Bothell has no formal library but Carlton Ericksen's general merchandise store on Main Street loans books for pennies a day

1925: Library opens in a rented room of the American Hotel for $15 per month before moving to the Bothell Hotel for $13 per month

1936: Bothell Town Council approves spending $10 per month on a librarian's salary, which is split by four volunteer librarians who each work one week per month

1946: Bothell contracts with KCLS for library service

1969: Opening of an 8,300 square-foot library on 182nd Street, funded by a library bond issue, KCLS, and a Federal Grant

1986: KCLS annexation

1995: Opening of the current 22,500 square-foot Bothell Regional Library

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