Computer Use Agreement

When using a KCLS library card to log on to this computer, a patron must use only their own card number.

The confidentiality of KCLS circulation, registration and computer use records are protected by law (R.C.W. 42.17.310) and by KCLS Policy (Circulation Manual 9.3).

If you are 17 years or older and would like unfiltered access on your card, please see a staff member and request unfiltered access for "bona fide research and other lawful purposes."

A person under the age of 17 years must have filtered access on his/her card.

KCLS cannot guarantee the performance or reliability of public computer hardware, nor can we guarantee performance of the software that runs on public computers.

All copyright laws apply when using this computer and the Internet.

View our Computer Booking & Printing Policy.