Understand issues, share ideas, and envision the possibilities

King County communities are dynamic places filled with busy people, burgeoning ideas, opportunities for activities of all kinds, and, on occasion, civic issues that stir considerable interest and potentially conflicting views.

What role can libraries play in support of community conversation?

  • Libraries believe in the open exchange of ideas. They intentionally provide free and neutral access to a broad range of information. Because of this they naturally act as catalysts to discovery and to conversation.

  • Free, open, and informed dialogue inevitably uncovers common ground, which naturally invites collaboration.

  • Collaboration results in better communities.

Convey is an initiative of the King County Library System (KCLS). This system-wide effort to foster civic engagement will take many forms, each of which will be appropriate to the needs of the community served.

Find previous Convey projects.

As a neutral party, KCLS' role is to gather and disseminate information. KCLS is not responsible for or involved in evaluating, proposing, or giving preference to any submissions or suggestions.

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Last Updated: 01/24/14