Badges | King County Library System

Summer Badge Codes

What are you learning this summer?

Claim a badge each time you complete one activity. Use the example listed or make up your own!

Track your reading for 500 minutes and collect all six badges to enter your name to win a Grand Prize!

To enter, print your certificate and bring it to your local library between July 7 and August 31.

Art & Music

Make up a dance.
Make sidewalk/driveway drawings with chalk.
Make origami animals.
Learn about a famous painter or musician.
Draw or paint a picture.


Build a bridge with blocks.
Make a pop-up greeting card.
Design or make a fort.
Read about a famous building or structure.


Play a board game.
Count the items in a collection (toys, cards, socket, etc.)
Identify the different shapes in your room.
Make a pattern (with beads, candy, toys, etc.)
Count the cheerios in a family member's wallet or purse (ask permission first!)


Read a graphic novel.
Listen to an audiobook.
Write a haiku or limerick.
Read aloud to a friend or family member, or your dog!
Read a book about a real person (autobiography, biography).
Recommend a book to a friend.


Try a science experiment.
Identify the plants, flowers in your yard or park.
On a starry night, find the Big and Little Dippers.
Discover a new fruit at the grocery store.


Build a robot.
Play a new game on the computer. Download an eBook.
Create your own avatar on the online Summer Learning page.
Discover the 'simple' machines. What are they?